a woman sitting on a sofa in front of a laptop computer a woman sitting on a sofa in front of a laptop computer

Our standard fees range from £60-90, depending on your income. These are negotiated with your therapist. Some of our therapists also work with insurance companies to cover costs and this needs to be requested at the time of your enquiry. 

Sessions normally last 50 minutes and are held in the same place, at the same time each week. These are usually once weekly but can be at a higher frequency according to your wishes or needs. This will be agreed with your therapist.

Group psychotherapy sessions last for 90 minutes and are held once or twice weekly.

It is very difficult to say at the outset how long therapy will last as each therapy is completely individual. It is a process that develops at its own pace, in response to your own unique needs.

Sometimes people come with a very well-defined difficulty to work on, and it may be that you agree to a time-limited therapy with your therapist. However, what seems like a limited problem may turn out to be related to longer-term difficulties. For example, bereavement may bring up wider issues about loss and relationships, which may need more time to understand and work through.

We also run a means-tested reduced-fee clinic to enable people living on a low-income to access high quality psychotherapy. If you think you might qualify for help from the clinic click here.