Need Urgent Help?

a woman looking sad and in need of help a woman looking sad and in need of help

In a state of crisis, it is understandable that you might reach out to us. But ICC Psychotherapy is not an emergency service, and our process necessarily takes time and care.

If you feel you need urgent help call The Samaritans 24-hour phone line – 116 123, or attend your local hospital’s Accident and Emergency department.

The first step will be to take you through a short clinical screening with one of our excellent referral specialists who are expertly trained, qualified and experienced in psychotherapy and clinical assessment. This is done over the phone at a time decided by both yourself and the specialist. This then allows us both to get a clear picture of your needs and how best we can help. With a time of less than an hour conversation it gives you the opportunity to think with us about whether what we offer will be helpful for you and if you would like to proceed.

Once that’s decided the specialist referral clinicians will search through our London wide network for a suitable therapist based on your needs. Then when we have found a therapist we think would be a good match then the referral specialist will discuss your case with the psychotherapist and see if it’s a good fit. This ensures that your care is handled in the most professional and sensitive way ensuring you get the expert help you need when you need it most. What we do best is to help you think about what you would like and take you on the often anxiety provoking journey from thinking you might want therapy to finding the right person, place and time.

The referral specialists won’t waste your time if they think we won't be able to help or it’s the wrong sort of therapy for you. They will then advise or direct you to what we think might be a good option. Even if it's not with us we want you to get the best experience and are committed to providing this.

We hope to speak to you soon.